About Us

BasiC eSports are a professional gaming organisation specialising in Call of Duty. BasiC have placed among some of the best Call of Duty teams ever, such as Epsilon eSports, Millenium and Vitality. BasiC have achieved 3rd place at EG0, 4th place at the FCO LAN in France, 4th i53 and they have also placed a remarkable 5th at ESWC. BasiC are known as one of the best Call of Duty teams in France and in the United Kingdom. The current owner of BasiC is Methodz you can go and follow him over @BasiC_Methodz. Be sure to drop him a follow! BasiC are striving to be the best team in the UK and if possible in Europe. BasiC started in early 2014 during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare they excellled gaining over 2,000 followers on twitter! Some of the past teams have included the likes of LXT, and DEVR. They are two brilliant players! Now be sure to also follow @BasiCeSports on twitter! Thank you!

Our current Call of Duty roster is Acquiesce, Pace, Golly and Robbie. They are all skilled Advanced Warfare players and they are looking forward to competing this Friday at AM 2 Pro LAN (Friday 4th to Sunday 6th). Currently Here at BasiC eSports we are looking for Graphics Designers and General Managers feel free to contact our business email - BasiCeSports@Outlook.com. Or feel free to contact the Owner and General Manager @BasiC_Methodz or you could contact the BasiC twitter account (@BasiCeSports). We are looking forward to this event  and we are hoping for a good placement!