TopicHow To Optimize Your Video Specifically For YouTube

  • Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 5:51am

    h a little know-how, you can prepare your optimized video for YouTube.

    The first step to take is to ascertain the format of video you are starting with. Most digital cameras today shoot video, as do most phones, which is a great cheap way to start. It is irrelevant from where your video comes; the responsibility lies on you to make it breathtaking. Basketfuls of editing tools on the Internet are available for you, to be used on any platform as per your desire; the latest computers already have these tools along with the basic install for just such editing requirements.

    It is advisable to avoid the use Windows Movie Maker. If you are using a cell phone video source, it'll give you a hard time with no results. QuickTime plays nice with all sorts of formats. YouTube supports certain formats for input, so it is the time to be cautious. It is better if you make a .mov or .mp4, so be sure your editor has the capability to handle that format efficiently. If it is not capable of doing so, don't go in for a conversion, and that's not funny, you may lose information during the conversion, so it is better to get an editor capable of handling that format.

    The video should be set to the YouTube recommended size of 320×240 QVGA. Your camera may have shot the video at a different aspect ratio than the 320×240. So be prepared for some exercise but do not stretch or pull the frames. It is advisable to make your video as bit-rich as you can. You can use a bit rate around 1000 kbps. Around 1200kbps it would probably overkill and take the video longer to process. 700kbps and 1000kbps should be the ideal range, you should be looking for. Once you are ready with size, codec, and quality set up, it is time for the selection of your audio format. It is better to use the MP3 audio codec, which should be standard on your editor.

    Take the output of your video file as .mov or .mp4 and before you move further it is time to have the preview of your video file. It should look nice. If you are satisfied with the outcome, go ahead with uploading your video. After your video is uploaded to the servers of YouTube it can take up to an hour or so to get actually published on the site. As YouTube formats your file and encodes it for their flash streaming. This process is fully automatic. Now all of your efforts would produce a real gem a really optimized video that looks better than others.


  • Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 3:27pm


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